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Light n’ Go Bonfire Log

The Showstopper, and it’s Portable

The Bonfire Log is new, unique, and the most extraordinary innovation in firewood of our time. Put it virtually anywhere and create a beautiful bonfire with one match. No chemicals, just pure kiln dried beautiful white birch, with a paperboard firestarter, with its patent pending design, delivers a great fire and an instant good time.

The Bonfire burns more than 1.5 hours, while the Bonfire Jumbo goes for about 2.5 hours. Both can be enjoyed in a fire pit, chimnea, or fireplace, indoors or out. Take them camping, cook marshmallows or hotdogs on a stick, or drop a frying pan on the log for eggs. It’s year round instant entertainment, never easier or “cooler.”

Light n’ Go Yule Log

Celebrate the Holiday, Burn it for Good Fortune

The innovative Light n’ Go Yule Log is an engineered all natural wood log, which can be lit with one match, and enjoyed for 1.5 hours. Dressed with a handle and seasonal decoration, it is a fun holiday gift, easy to burn for an instant warm atmosphere. This holiday log can be enjoyed in all winter in a fireplace or during the summer in a firepit.

According to ancient tradition, burning the Yule Log during winter solstice will bring good fortune in the coming year. According to Eco Forest, burning the Yule Log anytime will make a quick and easy fire adding cozy enjoyment to any setting.

Light n’ Go Kindling

The Way to start a fire

Eco Forest has selected Alder wood, the most popular kindling wood in Europe, to produce Light n’ Go Kindling. The Alder is sliced into thin sheets, and then thoroughly dried, before it is packaged into neatly banded bundles. The product’s performance is the “best of breed” in the kindling market. Its design facilitates easy lighting and a strong flame to start a fire. Combining the Eco Forest Firestarter, Light n’ Go Kindling, and our kiln dried firewood, is the secret for a prefect fire, every time.

European White Birch

Simply the Finest Firewood on the Market

The Eco Forest flagship firewood is European White Birch. There is no other firewood sold anywhere with the beauty, ease of use, aroma, clean and quiet burn, magnificent flame, or overall performance of European White Birch. Suburban home owners, city dwellers, pizza restaurants, and patios throughout this country have embraced this product, year after year. The company is proud to receive daily emails from satisfied consumers thanking us for introducing this product to the market.

European White Birch is dried in the air for many months, before it is kiln dried to the USDA standard and packed by hand into eco-friendly fishnet bags. Free of pests, mold, and mildew, makes European White Birch safe to store in and around your home, and pleasant to handle and burn. This year the best got better, as the original fishnet bag has been improved. The tie string is now on the base of the bag. An ergonomic handle has been fashioned from the fishnet itself, for an easier more comfortable carry of this robust net sack.

Whole Birch Logs

Hand Selected for Décor

European White Birch, cut in winter for bright white bark, and dried to perfection, these brushed logs are just too pretty to burn. Place them in the fireplace when not in use, for a most charming setting. Not only do these logs adorn an empty fireplace, but stacking them in and around the hearth adds warmth beauty to any home.

If burn you must, enjoy these 16” kiln dried logs, in the home or on the patio, free of pests, mold and mildew. Packaged in fishnet, the logs carry easily and store indefinitely.

Birch in Bulk

This is Happiness

European White Birch, split, kiln dried to the USDA standard, and stacked in a 1 cubic meter (35 ft3) crate. No bags, just white birch. This firewood is the same quality as the bagged product, which is pest, mold, and mildew free.

Eco Forest offers an economical way for the firewood enthusiast to buy in bulk and enjoy the ease of use, great burn through, and fabulous fire of European White Birch.

Simple Simon Hardwood

Premium Hardwood, a select mix

Eco Forest brings to market the premier hardwoods available in both the Baltics and Northern American forests. Oak, maple, cherry, black alder, and beech are among the species included. All mixed hardwood is kiln dried to the USDA standard, and is pest, mildew, and mold free. Logs are cut to 16”. Simple Simon Mixed Hardwood, lights easily and delivers a long and thorough burn through.

Simple Simon Mixed Hardwood is packed in heat shrunk plastic in North America, and is hand packed in fishnet bags in Europe. All Simple Simon bundles are made with a woven nylon handle for comfortable carriage. These robust hardwood bundles are built into a blocky shape, for great stackability around the house.

Ready in 10

Charcoal grilling, convenient, natural, and real charcoal flavor

Ready in 10 is all natural lump charcoal in an unbleached paperboard box, designed to burn from the inside out. The innovative design allows the finest European charcoal to be ignited without the use of lighter fluid or chemicals of any kind. Light the wick on the bottom of the box to start the charcoal, with no heavy bag, dust, or fluids. Ready in 10 is the perfect portion of charcoal, which can be stored and handled cleanly and neatly. For the outdoor chef, Ready in 10 delivers the ultimate in convenience and flavor.

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